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Welcome to my Tumblr.

When I have time to burn,

                 this is where the ashes fall.

I'm 23, a recent graduate UofIowa for Communication Studies, and currently traveling the world in Up with People!

I currently have a messy personal life - but then again, who doesn't. However - I DO have a Tumblr Boyfriend, who can be found here.

I also have a hardcore Tumblr crush. Check both these pretty people out.

I love Mike & Ikes, NPR, chocolate, Volkswagen, ice cream, fashion, cooking, boys - just to name a few. And I got plenty of  

Place: Iowa City, IA

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Never worn a tank. Questioning my logic. Need a tan. #GreekWeek (Taken with instagram)

  1. stambalina said: Gays in tanks are always acceptable.
  2. evergaydes said: I approve.
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